The ATLAS.ti Online Community ("The Forum," for short) at is the central interactive exchange platform for the ATLAS.ti user community. The Forum makes it easy for you to stay on top of everything related to ATLAS.ti.

The Forum lets you...

  • post questions to the users community
  • be informed about current events
  • learn the latest news from the manufacturers
  • exchange best practice advice, learn from experienced users
  • share insights and research findings
  • form local and international user and/or project groups
  • and much more

Our system is designed for maximum flexibility and versatility. Please visit and explore for yourself how our Online Community can be put to the best possible use for you:

Search thousands of user postings, develop direct contacts to experts in the field, publish your own ideas / projects for valuable feedback, find partners with similar research interests, establish local user groups, share useful resources... The Forum supports all of these and many more possibilities.


Joining the Online Community is easy!

For security reasons, and to keep the platform as spam-free as possible, users are asked to register before being able to post their own contributions. The registration, however, could not be easier: simply select a user name and a personal password, and you're sent an activation link that gives you immediate access to all available resources.

Make use of our handy RSS feed to see immediately when topics of interest to you are being discussed. Simply copy and paste one of the following URLs into your RSS client (try out which version works best with your client):

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This lets you stay up-to-date even without regularly visiting the Forum.

For your convenience, the forum contains all postings from the ATLAS.ti Mailing list between 1999 and November 2005. This makes the enormous knowledge base accumulated by our users more accessible and thus even more beneficial to the entire community.

What Users Say

I experimented deeply with all three [leading QDA software packages] and found that ATLAS.ti ideally supports the way my mind works and how I like to do qualitative research.

Donnie S. Coleman, PhD student, Virginia Tech