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ATLAS.ti users from more than twenty countries and four continents recently gathered at the Technical University of Berlin for three days of intensive discussions about methodology, technology, practical applications, and theoretical considerations centered around qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti. In a friendly, relaxed, and yet highly productive atmosphere a great many new insights were gained by all.

This special issue of INSIDE ATLAS.ti is dedicated to the conference:

 • A letter from Thomas Muhr, founder and CEO of ATLAS.ti. Read here.

• Fostering Dialog on Qualitative Methods - The ATLAS.ti User Conference. Read here.

• A few voices from conference participants. Read them here.

• Schedule of upcoming training events. Read here.

 It was a great pleasure meeting users, consultants, trainers, experts, students and researchers from a wide variety of fields at the Berlin conference. We were all most impressed to learn how you put ATLAS.ti to good use, and hope you will continue to do so.

We invite all attendees-as well as all users everywhere-to stay in touch. Feel free to let us know if you become aware of a need for training events, if you plan such or similar activities, and/or if you perceive an increase in qualitative research in your field of work. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist.

A major Thank You goes to Susanne Friese, noted expert and conference chair, for putting this remarkable event together. And thank all of you for coming to Berlin and helping to make the first user conference a great success and a wonderful experience for all!

To all of you who came and all of those who could not make it: We can promise you that it will not have been the last time. Hopefully we can meet even more of you at the next user conference.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are always most welcome. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line via

Happy coding,

Jörg Hecker
Director Business Operations

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What Users Say

If you are looking for a program that can help you collect, connect, manage, analyze, and share your qualitative data - both primary and secondary - and at the same time takes only little of your time to learn how to use it, then ATLAS.ti is your answer.

Ani Munirah Mohamad, Young Lecturer / PhD Researcher, Law Faculty, Malaysia