Survey Import

Suvery Import

Imagine converting the results of a large online survey into a Hermeneutic Unit in ATLAS.ti with just a few mouse clicks. ATLAS.ti lets you do just that! 

Here is a typical work flow:

  1. Create an online survey using, for example, Google Docs (a very convenient tool, although other frameworks are supported as well)
  2. Download and store the survey as an Excel table once your respondents have filled out the questionnaire
  3. Import the table into ATLAS.ti
  4. Voilà: Each row (= one respondent) becomes a primary document, and content is collected and created from the answers to open-ended questions. PD families are created from single and multiple-choice questions; quotations are created for each answer and coded with the respective question (you may use abbreviations). This accomplishes a lot of tedious pre-coding work in a few seconds.

Now you can get started with what really matters: Your analysis!I

It's that easy to work with survey data from nearly any source.

What Users Say

In contrast to other commercially available packages, two advantages of ATLAS.ti are its handling of graphics and digital audio recordings as primary data, and its features for generating conceptual diagrams.

Tadashi Kimura, School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia